Revolutionizing the Job Search

By Putting the Future of Students’ Careers in the Palms of their Hands


The Problem

Only 21% of Students Secure Career-Level Employment Out of College

Less than 1/4 of all students have secured employment related to their degree after six months of graduation, leaving an overwhelming majority of capable college grads hopeless in today’s crooked job market. And with ever-increasing education costs, parents and students are questioning the value of 4-year degree.

The problem reaches deeper into the college community though, increasing stress on Career Service Departments as well. On average, Career Service Departments are only able to reach 30% of their students to provide them with relevant job opportunities during and after college. Due to budgetary restraints and manpower limitations, Career Service departments cannot always provide the same personal one-on-one experience to each student.

The Solution

Challenging the Student Job Search with the Palms of their Hands

Briefcase provides colleges with a tool that exposes students to all jobs relevant to their individual career paths, while maintaining a clean, easy to use platform. But that’s not all we do. The Briefcase platform also gives school administration a way to monitor student experiences and gain valuable insight to their students’ career aspirations through understandable metrics. With Briefcase, Career Service Departments can focus on providing guidance to more students on campus instead of sorting through job postings.


Why You'll Love Briefcase

We Make Finding Great Jobs Easy for Students

Why search when Briefcase can do it for you? Our Smart Technology® allows students to customize their profile with their unique skills, experiences, and career paths. After completing their profile and uploading their resume, students can easily search for jobs on the Briefcase platform. Briefcase then interacts with the student, learning and individualizing the job search for the student, making the process of applying less stressful.

Briefcase Helps Career Service Departments Become More Efficient

With our private-labeled platform, implementation strategy and easy-to-use dashboard, Briefcase saves Career Service Departments time and money. The platform provides metrics that provides accurate figures on which students are getting jobs, where they are hired, tools that are helping them get jobs and which students need further help.

We Make Your School More Attractive to Prospective Students and Parents

Briefcase gives universities the metrics they need to showcase their students' success. Universities can leverage their placement rates and job satisfaction statistics with prospective students and parents to present their institution as focused on increasing job placement during and after college.

The Features We Provide

One-Step Job Application

Students upload their resume and fill out their job parameters only once. Briefcase will take care of the rest. Apply to jobs as they become available in real time with one click on your mobile device. Employers receive your resume and profile in one easy step and students can go back to doing what they love most.

Student Dashboard

The student dashboard is a centralized location within the Briefcase platform that showcases what jobs students have already applied to, the status of applications, messages with recruiters, favorited jobs and recommended jobs based off of user preferences and feedback.

Career Services Dashboard

With the students’ job search taken care of, Career Service Departments can devote more time to fulfilling other roles as advisors. The dashboard supplies Career Service Departments with metrics on placement rates, students shortcomings and what students are being successful/unsuccessful at when acquiring jobs.

Private Label Product

Each institution has their own school-branded destination. Our product is the Career Service Department’s job search. Students can trust that the department has their best interests in mind and the institution can show prospective students that it has the tools necessary to provide them success in being placed in a career relevant to their education.

Multiple Job Category Searches

With Briefcase, students can search for part-time jobs, internships and full-time opportunities during and after college. Students can search using specifications such as: keywords, regional specifications, salary and experience level.

Mobile First

Due to Briefcase’s responsive design, students and Career Service Departments can experience the same functionality on their mobile device just like laptops and tablets. The mobile website scales down and the buttons resize so that the user experience is similar to using a smartphone application. Unlike a native app, the mobile friendly website will work on every smartphone and service provider, ensuring a simplistic job search experience.